Digital Health

Ergonomics Analysis in realtime

The biomechanical measuring system INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE visualizes physical workload in real time and under real conditions. Frequent load types such as force, awkward posture and repetition can be identified for each body region and evaluated according to biomechanics and ergonomics criteria.

Body postures and joint forces determined using IMU sensors (XSENS) are graphically animated and assigned to the activities performed using synchronized video recordings. This provides the ability to identify hidden health risks, evaluate the preventive effectiveness of ergonomic tools or aids (e.g. exoskeletons) and derive measures to avoid high musculoskeletal loads.

With its integrated data analysis and automated reports, the INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE enables fast and meaningful load assessments and ergonomic workplace design without the need for time-consuming procedures and human resources.

This opens a highly efficient way for companies to contribute specifically to the health, performance and motivation of their employees and to be able to offer attractive, healthy jobs on a permanent basis. Research institutes benefit from one of the most powerful and versatile measurement methods in ergonomics.

NEW FEATURE: Static & dynamic load detection

With the world's first STA/DYN mode, the ergonomics analysis software INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE now differs shoulder load into static strain and dynamic lifting.


Biomechanics for Healthy Work

Movella awards scalefit as most impactful partner health & sports

At the Movella EMEA Partner Summit, held in Enschede (NL), scalefit presented the first AI-supported version of the ergonomics measurement system INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE and was promptly awarded. The ChatGPT-extension now automatically generates highly sophisticated result reports as well as individually adapted recommendations for ergonomic workplace design and MSD prevention - in real time, of course.

VerV Ergonomics Congress in Belgium

Have you seen this? A forward-looking VerV Congress 2022 in Affligem/Belgium, where visitors to the scalefit booth drew each other's attention to our real-time ergonomics analysis.

And our live workshop on back strain during lifting (with partner Attentia), stimulated exciting discussions about how height-adjustable work equipment (thanks to Hovmand A/S) can contribute to back relief e.g. in production, logistics and healthcare.

Back to the roots - scalefit's coming home

For us, a very special 12th Congress of the German Society for Biomechanics (DGfB) at the German Sport University Cologne, where the foundation of our company was laid. Many former colleagues, current and future partners as well as a wide range of participants from all fields of biomechanics tested our Xsens MoCap-based measurement system for ergonomics analyses in real time for 3 days.

scalefit at the GfA Autumn Congress 2022 in Leipzig

State-of-the-art lectures and a top-class exhibitor field provided an impressive framework for our interactive workshops. With the support of our partners Movella and Ottobock Bionic Exoskeletons, the audience became part of the working environment. The reduction of physical strain through the use of height-adjustable workstations and torso-supporting exoskeletons could be impressively visualized using the scalefit ergonomics analysis - in real time, of course.