Visualize Physical Workload

Ergonomics Analysis on-site

Detect physical stress

Based on the DGUV traffic light system, the biomechanical measuring system INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE shows the physical stress directly at the workplace and helps to uncover the causes of disorders, injuries and damage.

Identify health risks

Physical risk assessment: With the INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE, this can be done quickly and comfortably, e.g. for manual load handling, repetitive tasks, forced postures or mixed activities.

Design ergonomic workplaces

The INDUSTRIAL ATHLETE supports the planning of ergonomic workplaces as well as health-promoting behaviour. On-site analyzes sensitize employees to healthy posture and the correct use of tools and aids.

Good reasons

for healthy work


Ergonomics creates a safe working environment.


Ergonomics reduces costs.


Ergonomics increases productivity.


Ergonomics improves quality.


Ergonomics increases employee satisfaction.